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Matter Battle Book + Personalized 46th Lesson


You will receive a copy of Matter Battle: 45 Lessons Learned and a handcrafted 46th lesson drafted just for you in the form of a short letter. The letter will be drafted in response to a question that you issue. Ask for an architectural recommendation, words to assuage a singed heart, or advice to carry you into the unknown. Dash will contemplate your question and respond in kind.

Details of the Book:

  • Designed with German precision and Spanish vitality by TwoPoints.Net
  • Introductory essay by Esther Choi
  • Edition of 200
  • 8.5" x 11" (22cm x 28cm)
  • 144 pages
  • Full color
  • Printed on three paper stocks, including a special sandpaper cover that will patina over time, by Catalan printers who really know what they're doing
  • Includes an index of Heroes, Obsessions, and Materials relevant to each project
  • Floor plans for each project reproduced at 1/16th inch = 1 foot (books without floor plans are so annoying)
  • Spine fits squarely into the beige section of your color-organized bookshelf which—let's face it—is a hard section to fill
  • Comes with a separate pamphlet, Small Measures, which includes detail photographs printed on glossy paper

Details of the 46th Lesson:

  • Edition of 1
  • Include your question or yearning for learning in the NOTES section of your order
  • Will be delivered with the book, so expect to wait slightly longer than usual while Dash properly contemplates your inquiry

A peek inside: